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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Savannah Conley’s Debut Headlining Tour Comes To 7th Street Entry

Photos & Words By Stephanie Nardi

Singer-songwriter Savannah Conley brought her introspective lyrics and beautiful melodies to 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis on her first-ever headlining tour. Accompanied by opener Secondhand Sound, these two Nashville artists showed the Midwest what Music City can do.

Comprised of Sawyer Estok (lead vocals and guitar), Teagan Proctor (bassist), and Collin Plank (drums), Secondhand Sound kicked off the show and did not disappoint. They’re the kind of band that after the first song, maybe even the first verse, you knew you were going to go home and add more than just a few songs into your current rotation (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience).

After Secondhand Sound, Conley took to the stage and owned it. She exuded an easy confidence, and there was a warmth in her presence that drew people in and made them feel at ease. She comfortably interacted and joked around with the crowd and it made it feel like it was a room full of friends rather than strangers. She even lightheartedly quipped that the real reason everyone was there was to see her drummer, Soren Burkham, who’s from Minneapolis and had friends and family in the crowd avidly cheering for him.

Her vocals have a delicate, airy quality to them but don’t mistake this for a lack of complexity. There’s a subtle grittiness that adds depth and an underlying power that supports the overall lightness of her voice; giving it a grounded place to expand from rather than having the feeling of it just floating in space. Her song “Being Around You” showcases these latter facets more apparently while “Same Old Eyes” illustrates her ability to create a track that feels very diaphanous and soft. Her set was a lovely ebb and flow of all of these elements; blending them all to create a cohesive experience.

Conley is an incredibly talented artist and we know it’s only up from here. While this tour might be coming to a close, you can catch her opening for iDKHOW and Joywave starting in August 25th. If you missed her this time around, don’t make that same mistake again!

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