Photography Reviews

Tom Odell Brings Calm Amongst The Chaos At Webster Hall

Photos and Words By Carol Simpson

Tom Odell brought a very unique atmosphere to what is normally a loud and rowdy Webster Hall. Pulling his set back to a single spotlight and just him at a piano was a treat for his devoted fans. Even though the silence of the room felt a bit eerie at moments, it was fitting for his simple yet honest songwriting.

In a way, this show felt cathartic as a tiny piece of the live music industry as we know it in a pandemic world. A simple and serene set is sometimes just as effective as a full band setup when the music is just right. Tom opened the show with some fan favorites including “Grow Old With Me” and “Long Way Down” and rounded out with “Another Love”. The beauty of a silent room is the calm hum of fans that were singing along cautiously. Several trying to not be too loud as they harmonized while others were matching Tom’s emotion behind the lyrics in their delivery.

Tom Odell brought something special to Webster Hall and helped be the calm amongst some of the daily chaos of today’s world. Listen to “Best Day Of My Life” here and catch Tom Odell and his piano at a tour date in the future by looking at his next leg of dates here.

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