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Exclusive Photos: MAX + Lauren Sanderson Return to Webster Hall on the Live In Colour Tour

Photos & Words By Carol Simpson

MAX is the best kind of pop star – strong songwriting skills, killer vocals, and a stage presence that could capture anyone’s attention and leave them wanting more. He has had so much growth as an artist in recent years. With radio hits under his belt and an album that included collaborations from artists like Kim Petras, Quinn XCII, Suga, and Joey Bada$$, it’s only right that Colour Vision got a proper tour since it’s release mid-pandemic.

Lauren Sanderson was brought on as support. It’s hard to imagine anyone else that perfectly matches MAX’s energy. Her loyal fans showed up early for the mid-west hype woman, including one fan front and center at barricade that was in tears singing back to Lauren. Sanderson was proudly proving exactly how it’s done as a fully independent artist and how she can effortlessly connect with an audience. Listen to Lauren’s latest single “Everyone’s Pretentious & I’m Bored” here. Her biting lyrics hit even better live.

MAX hit the stage promptly appearing out of his larger than life Rubiks cube that brings his Colour Vision album art to life. In an embroidered blue suit, he instantly broke into dance moves that proved he is the definition of a multi-talented perform. His vocal performance didnt falter as he moved from hit to hit. Early in his set his track “Love Me Less” really set off the crowd into a frenzy, but the energy in the room continued to elevate from there. Backed by a stellar live band including a sax player that added a larger than life sentiment to the set. “Acid Dreams” and his radio hit “Lights Down Low” were some personal favorites from the night.

His soulful voice is undeniable and helps to tie together his unique pop sound that seamlessly covers influence from R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. With so many amazing features on some of his songs, the only missing element was a few special guest appearances. Regardless, the Live In Colour proves two things: live music will always be unmatched especially from a performer as talented as MAX and MAX is a one of kind artist from our generation.

If you’re on the east coast, you have two more chances to catch the Live In Colour Tour this week. Tickets available here.

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