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Exclusive Photos: Local Musician Landon Conrath Takes Overs 7th Street Entry

Photos & words by Stephanie Nardi

Local musician Landon Conrath took over The 7th Street Entry last Friday night for his first headlining show as a solo artist. His undeniably catchy melodies and relatable lyrics has gained him quite the following in the Minneapolis music scene since his debut in 2020 with song “Pieces” and in just one short year, Conrath sold out the venue. And did we mention the crowd knew almost every lyric and was singing it back to him? Talk about an amazing way to kick things off.

After two incredible opening performances from DNM and Alina Maira, the crowd was hyped and ready to go. As Conrath took the stage, he was met with enthusiastic cheers and applause that only strengthened as he opened with his hit “Lowercase”. It seemed as if there wasn’t a single person in the room who wasn’t having a good time; including Conrath himself. Raised hands filled the empty space above the heads of the audience and bobbed up and down as the owner’s bounced on their toes to the beat of the music and a grin lived on Conrath’s face as he moved through his set. Playing fan favorites such as “Papercuts” and “Acetone”, Conrath also mixed in a few new, unreleased songs as well; giving a glimpse into what’s to come. And let’s just say, we’re excited. 

If this is where Conrath is only a year from releasing his first single, they sky’s the limit. We know this is only the very beginning, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented, budding artist. 

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