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Exclusive Photos: COIN Hit Varsity Theater On Their Rainbow Dreamland Tour

Photos and words by Stephanie Nardi

Nashville based band COIN made a stop at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis last Tuesday night as part of their much anticipated Rainbow Dreamland Tour. Accompanied by indie-pop band Valley, there was no shortage of reasons why this show was able to pull an impressive crowd with a line snaking around the block before doors even opened. People had been eagerly awaiting the return of this indie-pop staple so they could experience their music live again, and they did not disappoint. 

After a wonderful opening set from Valley, Coin took to the stage and electrified the room with their latest smash hit “Chapstick”. The crowd recognized the iconic opening chords of the song and went wild, releasing cheers and throwing their hands in the air as they let the ridiculously infectious beat carry them. 

Vibrant LED panels served as the backdrop for the performance illuminating the faces of the crowd with shocks of light as it matched the timing of the song. Everything from their signature heart to butterflies took residence on that panel during their set and this added production was like icing on an already fantastic cake. 

It was hard not to smile as you took in the sight of someone completely in their element and that’s exactly what seemed to be the case for frontman Chase Lawrence. His energy seemed endless as he oscillated between playing his piano next to him and taking the mic free-hand so he could dance his way across the stage. There was no stopping him and the crowd gladly accepted this; matching his energy at each turn. 
With not one, but two albums released in 2021 alone and one prior to that in 2020, there was no shortage of content for them to choose from for their set. It was a nice mix between upbeat hits like “Simple Romance” and “Crash My Car” and slower more mellow songs like “Babe Ruth” and “Let It All Out (10:05)”. Regardless of the song being sung, the fans knew every word and made sure the band knew it. Plainly said, the Rainbow Dreamland was indeed a dream. Snag your tickets here before it’s too late.

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