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Exclusive Photos: Porter Robinson Lights Up Night One of the Nurture Tour in Brooklyn

Photos & Words by Carol Simpson

The Nurture Tour had three dates at Brooklyn’s iconic Avant Gardner, also known as the Brooklyn Mirage. In a city with as many live events per night as NYC does, packing out three nights at a venue is no small feat. Porter Robinson was supported by James Ivy and Jai Wolf, who each brought their own eclectic flare to the stage.

For James Ivy this was a hometown show. The up and coming artist has a one of a kind sound that blends all the best from electronic, punk, indie, and so much more. His persona shines through with on stage banter and charisma. He even warmed up the crowd with his cover of Porter Robinson’s “Something Comforting” which helped to hype the crowd up even more despite it being one of the more down tempo songs in his set.

Mom+Pop’s resident electronic music producer, Jai Wolf, turned the night into a dance party with his unique sounds that encompass all of his influences. As another New York native, the hometown show energy was alive and well during his set.

Porter Robinson hit the stage in a timely fashion and the room instantly hit a new peak of lively. Robinson showed off that he is a very skilled pianist which would probably catch anyone seeing him for the first time off guard if they weren’t a fan before. His ability to bounce back and forth on stage between setups so effortlessly solidifies his skill as a performer and a musician. Fans at barricade were passionately dancing and raising their hands in unison. One fan in particular was in tears as Robinson transitioned into his hit “Look At The Sky”. A true testament to the impact of live music and just how much it was missed during the pandemic.

Simply put, all three artists were having fun on stage and bridging that connection with their listeners seamlessly. Each artist has their own sound, but flowed together so perfectly on this lineup. The Nurture Live Tour continues. Find tickets to an upcoming date here.

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