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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Arlo Parks Makes a Magical Debut In Minneapolis

Photos and Words by Stephanie Nardi

Arlo Parks made a magical debut in Minneapolis Sunday night at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, and what a debut it was. This show, along with a multitude of others on her Collapsed in Sunbeams Tour, sold out and it’s no surprise as to why. Her music is pure poetry. She’s able to finesse words to create these rich visuals so you not only hear the music, but you see it too; allowing you to fully envelope your senses in each vignette she creates. 

Her relaxed, self-assured energy on stage created a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy her set. There was nothing hurried in her performance. Each song was savoured and thoroughly felt as the audience let the music gently move them whether it be to her classics “Cola” and “Super Sad Generation” or her more recents “Eugene” and “Caroline”. When she left the stage after her final song, the crowd refused to let it be the end of the night. Cheers and applause erupted and a chant of “Encore! Encore!” echoed through the venue walls. And not one to disappoint, Parks returned to the stage to cap off the night with one final song; “Hope”. 

While this is her first North American Tour, we know this is only the beginning for Parks. It’s only a matter of time before she’s playing stadiums, and this will be one of those special shows you look back on and fully realize you were there for the start of something incredible.

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