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EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The Catalina are Quickly Making Their Mark on the Minneapolis Music Scene

Photos and Words By Stephanie Nardi

Fans of The Band CAMINO and The Night Game listen up. We just might have your new favorite artist; The Catalina. Comprised of James Howard (lead vocals and guitarist), Adam Hepner (drums), and Justin Jacobs (guitar), this trio recorded their first demos together in the fall of 2019 and haven’t looked back since. They put their foot on the gas, releasing their debut EP in 2020, and have amassed quite the following since; quickly making their mark on the Minneapolis music scene.  

After great opening sets from fellow local artists Whosah and Saint Harrison, The Catalina took to the stage at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. Fans and friends alike stood in the crowd and they cheered and applauded as the group launched into their first number. The influences of the 80s can be heard in their synths as they shimmer in and out of their songs while the guitar riffs and percussion keep the sound feeling fresh and current; weaving that nostalgic feeling into the present moment. The upbeat nature of their melodies and catchy rhythms lent itself to a dynamic live show and this energy was directly reflected in the crowd. There were smiles all around and you were hard pressed to find someone not bobbing their head in time with the music, if not full out dancing. From dreamy “Love Somebody” to the intensity of “Runaround”, this trio didn’t miss, and we’re excited to see them live again. 

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