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BROODS Announce New Album + Release Video for “Piece Of My Mind”

Photo Credit: Sam Kristofski

Space Island is the forthcoming concept album from sibling duo BROODS. “Piece of My Mind” is the band’s first single in two years, but they are picking up right where they left off while exploring a darker side lyrically.

In an Instagram caption, the band wrote “Welcome to Space Island! Space Island, the album, will take you through the wild terrain of love and loss and then tuck you into bed and kiss you on the forehead.” Needless to say, we’re intrigued and very excited to hear the full record.

With over 363M streams on Spotify to date, BROODS are bound to add even more to that total once Space Island is released 2022. Watch the cinematic and visually spellbinding music video for “Piece of My Mind” below.

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