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Interview: Mikey Ferrari Embraces Isolation and Individuality With Debut Spaceboy EP

Mikey Ferrari is preparing to show the world who he is through his SPACEBOY EP. The LA based singer/songwriter is embracing troubling themes with his first full body of work. After some time living in Montana. coming out to LA, and choosing between the corporate business route or music, Mikey Ferrari is choosing the unconventional path and creating sounds that match. Fans have to wait a little bit longer to listen to the entire EP and dive into the journey behind the songs.

It has taken over a year for this EP to come together. For now there are two singles out in the world laying the foundation for Ferrari’s promising future. “moving slow” and “lunar light” are acting as the introduction each with their own unique sound that defines the first era. Mikey has labeled “moving slow” as the story of an underdog. As an introvert himself, this carries an impact on his feelings as an artist and the process of pushing his music to new listeners. “I think that I’ll never stop feeling that way. I think that I’m a pretty shy kid. I don’t say ‘hey I’m important you should listen to my music’. It’s something that I struggle with versus I think it may be easier for other people to get people to listen to their music if they’re extroverted. I hope to keep that feeling. I think that’s a very powerful feeling. It’s the chip on my shoulder.”

While still considering himself an underdog, “lunar light” says otherwise. As a catchy and vibrant tune that helped Ferrari come to terms with embracing his mistakes, it perfectly embodies some of the intriguing fresh talent emerging in the alt-pop realm. MTV labeled the single as “enchanting” which is perfectly fitting for the dreamy track. The opening line “I don’t want to trust myself” is an instantly impactful statement that establishes Mikey’s deepest vulnerabilities. Despite the track coming off as an homage to love, the track actually pushes deeper into the struggle we all face when it comes to honestly looking at ourselves and doing what is necessary to fix our damaged relationships.

Much of the EP comes together in chronological order to highlight Mikey’s journey from high school in Montana to present day. “I think that I wanted to tell my story in order. That kind of started in high school to be honest. If I was to go through tracklisting it starts with ‘moving slow’ as my introduction. Me saying ‘hey It’s taken me really long to figure things out but here I am’…”Spaceboy” that one is really me embracing individuality and isolation. This whole record is about feeling isolated my entire life. “Lunar light” follows that embracing my mistakes and “moving fast” that’s the one song on the project that talks more about present day…me moving to LA and things happening.  “Standoff” I would say is the most personal on the project which is about me losing a really close friend that I lived with Montana. They were a really close friend, but the point is that I lost touch there and didn’t reach out enough and the lesson learned from that.”

With the EP’s poetic lyrics, listeners are bound to resonate with Ferrari’s personal experiences as well as pull their own meaning as it applies to their personal struggles. “I guess the message from that is reach out to your friends, but it’s also like how can I get this confident spaceboy back in my life? I am constantly going back and forth you know the ups and downs of life. I concluded the record with that so it left lit like open ended ‘is he coming back or not?'”

Even though the EP has taken some time to come together, the care and attention that was poured into each element will make all the difference come release day. “This took me over a year. I wrote so many songs for it, but I was like how can I tell the most cohesive story not only in the lyrics. I wanted people to understand how I am as a person and then look at their own shit.”

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