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Interview: Meet Space Cade7s, the Brooklyn Based Collective Spreading Positivity and Love Through Their Music

There’s an insane amount of rising local talent in New York City. One group stands out in particular. They have received endless support from Sofar Sounds over the past few years and most recently put out the Jake Mitchell directed music video for their track “What’s Missing?“. We asked the collective a few questions to get to know them. Read out Q&A below to learn more about the diverse group and everything they have to offer their listeners.

Love that you call this a collective. Who are you guys and how did this come together? When did you decide to pursue it more seriously?

We are a group of brothers looking to spread love through our music. By name we are the SPACE CADE7S; Malachi Elijah, Lord Keo, Yassky, Rico, Groov-E, Mike & Jeremy. We have worked alongside each other in various projects for years until ultimately coming together to form our own ‘super-group’ as friends. Initially we were spread out in different cities, but after collecting ourselves geographically in NYC we were able to really focus on this as a passion/career. 


Who are some of your musical influences?


We are all influenced by so many different artists! The beauty of music is an endless sea. Basically any Soul music created between 1960-1980, especially artists like Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, Bob Marley.. To name a few hip-hop favorites; The Roots, Freddie Gibbs, Gang Starr, Kid Cudi, Outkast…we could go on forever. We engage in “Top-5” debates on a daily basis.


I love “What’s Missing?” and the music video for it. When did you film it and what was the process like (who did you work with? what was your favorite part about filming?)


Thank you so much! We filmed this video at the end of February 2020 at Fort Tilden, Rockaway beach, our apartment and various other locations. We worked with cinematographerJake Mitchell and an amazing crew of: Edwin Cabrera, Chris Martin, Spencer Brown, Ryan Berger and Austin Quintana. Jake has directed several projects for us and he always amazes us with his artistry. 


You have a ton of content online from Sofar Sounds and other live performances, but only one song on Spotify. When can everyone expect to get new music? Any plans for an EP or mixtape soon?

First of all, shoutout to SoFar Sounds, we miss playing those shows so much… New music in September! We’ll be releasing singles every month for a while until we’re ready to formulate a full length debut album. We’ve always been a live focused band so as much as we miss the stage, we’re using this time to finish a lot of group and solo material. We’re so excited to share it all with the world ❤ 


How have you guys been staying productive during quarantine? 

It’s been an adjustment for everyone but we’re blessed to be in the same living space with each other so we turned our focus to our recorded music, jamming and improving our live show. As much as it’s been great to be able to focus on studio recordings and songwriting, we miss sharing music with new people. We are planning to set up an outdoor, socially distanced performance and open jam at our local park this Fall. 


Your bio mentions staying centered on love, positivity, and inclusivity, why is that so important to you as a group and how do you guys actively work to amplify that message? 

We want our music to heal and bring peace to the listener. We want our shows to be a safe space for all people. When it’s really good, music allows you to forget yourself and lose your ego. We recognize there are a lot of problems in the music industry and in hip-hop, so it’s important to us to actively combat that in our lyrical content and musical culture to make sure we’re sending an empowering message. We’re also really passionate about educating young people through music to show them how important and transformative music is. 


What’s next for Space Cade7s? Any plans going into the fall?

So much on the way! …Lots more studio music including group releases and solo releases from all the members of the collective..hopefully a few socially-distanced outdoor performances, live sessions, special merchandise and developing a music education program. We have a lot of goals and we’re so grateful for everyone who supports our message and our music. Thank you for covering our debut release! 


Keep up with Space Cade7s to know what their next big move is!
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