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Interview: RYDYR Wants to Show Everyone His True Self

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

Rydyr is the next era for Cole Pendery. After some time of self discovery and growth, RYDYR is pushing the creative envelope for himself. So far this year there have been two new singles and a music video. With quarantine putting most things on hold, RYDYR is focusing on bettering himself with the extra time, but that hasn’t stopped the new music and ideas from flowing.

His latest release “See You Around” carries a deeper message with the vehicle of a bouncy alt-pop tune. With a certain distaste for the superficial nature of social media, RYDYR has been on a journey of authenticity that doesn’t rely on the instant gratification of posting on the internet. “I’m one that has a love/hate relationship with social media and kind of what this whole new world is doing on an emotional and impersonal thing with people. It’s great for connecting with people and all that, but it’s also a hotbed for comparison and shame. I’m not getting as many likes as this person or as many as I used to and now I feel like I am worth less. That feels bad. My reflection on it was, I at the time was posting only what I knew would get attention and likes and affection. Then I kind of had a wake up call. That’s not truly what I want to be expressing. That’s what people want from me and that’s not what this should be about.”

RYDYR wrote the song with Zakk Cervini, who he hails as one of his favorite producers to collaborate with. Cervini has worked with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, All Time Low, and Yungblud. “See You Around” started as a call out to fans on social media asking them what topics they wanted RYDYR to write about. Most fans responded with mental health. Self expression and how others perceive us plays a major role in our mental health. RRYDYR and Cervini wrote “See You Around” from a place of vulnerability. “That was kind of the reasoning for creating the song and writing it as we did. It’s a bright, happy song but I wanted to bring in a little more of a mental health element. At face value it seems ‘oh he’s just talking to this girl and wants her to take off her Loreal’ or whatever make up brand. What I really was trying to say to people is take off that figurative mask and the nonsense social media has created for us.” RYDYR adds, “Be confident in your truth and who you are. That’s what the world needs. I think we a re all so much more alike than our differences. Internally we are all connected. In the music video I really wanted to show that shot where I am looking in the mirror and then it pans and it’s all the other people and it keeps cutting back and forth and you’re seeing all of the reflections of others in yourself. That’s my favorite shot in the video because that is really what I am trying to express to people. We are all connected.”

“Be a light and the good things will come.”

With reconfiguring his approach to social media the question of whether or not his followers would follow along came up. While many were fans of his earlier work in the industry, RYDYR was presenting a new side of himself. A more honest approach, but how would that be perceived. Fortunately, the creativity and artistry behind the work spoke for itself and those that cared stayed along for the journey. RYDYR maintained a positive attitude throughout the changes “I did lose a lot of people, but I think the real ones stayed along. At the end of the day, I am here to be a creator and a musician. If I am consistent at putting out music that I want. I had a younger fan base in that whole pop world with my old band. That knew a certain side or character that I was playing for that group. Once I stopped posting the ab photos they wanted to see they’re onto the next joe schmoe that will give them that kind of content. For the people that want to hang around and see what I’m about those are the true ones and that’s who I want to be connected with. I think anyone in the future that hears the music and connects with it, they’ll be back. I’m not too worried about it. I was at a point freaking out, but I had to remind myself don’t worry just do what you do best. Be a light and the good things will come.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn

Now that “See You Around” is out in the world and receiving rave reviews in the YouTube comment section, there’s still much more on the horizon for RYDYR. He is constantly working on new creative ideas. He even expressed to us that he’ll save different creative ideas or hooks in the voice memos of his phone. Taking those creative ideas and building on it with other collaborators like Cervini is part of the magic of his process. Being the perfectionist that he is fans will have to wait a bit longer to hear what else is in the works, but there is much more to come about from the Shadowwood Records name.

While we wait for concerts to come back post-pandemic, RYDYR is working on new ideas to bring these songs to life and cater to his love of performing. “I am a showman. I’m a connector with humans. I like to go on stage and see people’s face and connect. That’s why I make music. I make music with the vision of performing it to people. That’s been something that is very much on my mind. There’s obviously these live streaming opportunities that we’re going to pursue. I’m still learning that space and getting comfortable in that. I haven’t done many shows under my RYDYR brand. I was getting ready to do those live shows and tour this year. I’m going to have to get into that mentality again. It’s making me visualize even more what we can do. Creative visuals to support the song. Instead of thinking how can I take that to the stage [it’s] how can I make the visual even better? How can I make a music video even better? Hopefully some cool music videos are going to come out of it and then I am already thinking about the next project. Hopefully before too long we can get back on the road. We’ll see what happens. Not going to let it hold us down.”

RYDYR ended our interview with a few positive notes for our readers. “I just want to express to anyone reading this, these are crazy times, but we’re going to get through it. I’m glad we have art and music to get us through this. I hope to inspire a lot of people with this project. There’s going to be a lot more coming.” RYDYR is a ray of light and positivity that is very needed in the music industry. Add “See You Around” to your playlist and dive into his world.

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