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New Impressions: The Aces, Beabadoobee, The Fairview, SAYGRACE, Neck Deep, and more

The Aces released their second full length Under The Influence. The album is their first full length since their debut When My Heart Felt Volcanic in 2018. Since then the Utah indie pop group has been touring the world. Now with their second release the band has proven that they are ready to be more adventurous and daring with their songwriting. The band tip toed around the use of pronouns in their first record and this time around they’re fully and honestly displaying who they are. There are plenty of pop notes on the record, but still deeply rooted in their alt origins. Listen to the standout track “Kelly” on our New Impressions playlist.

Beabadoobee is treating us to another angsty bedroom pop jam. “Care” carries the subtle ties to early 2000s alt-rock with her soft spoken vocals that still carry a punch.

New England’s DIY scene has been blossoming the past few years and The Fairview just released the music video for the first single off their upcoming debut LP. Fresh Faced and Effervescent is the band’s first release since 2017’s It Could Be Worse…And It Is. The new full length will be available on August 6th and is set to mark an entirely new era for the band as they grow both as individuals and artists. “Your Hair In The Rain” is the first track off of the record. Watch the music video below and listen to the single on our New Impressions playlist.

Australian singer/songwriter SAYGRACE has released a sultry song with her new single “Girl”. Well known for her “You Don’t Own Me” collaboration with G-Eazy, SAYGRACE continuously proves that she can hold her own. The new single is an anthem declaring that she is who she is and not changing for anyone. The R&B track perfectly melts into a chorus of horns, simple guitar and programmed drums.

Payton Moormeier has released the follow up to his first single “Love Letter”. The new track “Habits” ties in to Payton’s honest songwriting that highlights his real life vulnerabilities while tying in a hip-hop influence. Payton has amassed his following thanks to viral content on Tik Tok, but this single proves he is here to stay as an artist.


Neck Deep released a fourth single to join their three previously released tracks. “I Revolve (Around You)” keeps up with Neck Deep’s bouncy alt sound that rings true to their pop-punk roots. The band released an out of this world colorful animated music video to go with the single. Watch the video below.

Other additions to the playlist this week include new tracks from Yungblud, boy pablo, Sarah Barrios, and Billy Raffoul.

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