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VALLEY Release New Single ‘nevermind’

Just as we make our comeback from our pandemic hiatus, VALLEY has returned with their first new single since the release of their debut LP MAYBE last fall. ‘nevermind’ continues VALLEY’s carefully crafted balance of honest lyrical content countered with synth-laden indie pop sounds. Their takes on mental health and positivity during the lulls of life make them a joyful listen even at the worst of times.

On the single, Rob Laska (lead singer) explains, “I feel like with Valley we’ve always strived for the perfect happy and sad song. ‘nevermind’ is a direct representation of playing with that idea. The song covers a stricter mental health narrative but also leaves the listener room to feel high energy production-simultaneously processing a topic about trying to find an emotion that doesn’t really exist.” Drummer/vocalist Karah James adds, “[It is] a song about the cyclical feelings of self-pity, apathy, and being an introvert.  It describes wavering between a romanticized version of your life and the ’sa d’ reality of it.”

At a time like this a song like ‘nevermind’ is just what we need to coast through the rest of summer. Listen to the single below and learn more about VALLEY here.

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