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Exclusive Photos: Christian French Brings Contagious Energy to Sold Out 7th St. Entry

Photos and words by Stephanie Nardi

Contagious Energy. Two words to perfectly describe something Christian French has in spades. Playing a sold-out 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis, he left it all on the stage, and the crowd welcomed the wild ride of a show with open arms. After a short set from artist Rence, French took to the stage. From the moment he stepped out, the feeling in the room shifted, and not just because he was the person everyone had come to see. He radiated optimism and light and you found yourself smiling even before a single note was played. There was a genuineness in the way he owned the room that allowed people to feel at home in a room full of strangers.

Opening with hit breaking all the rules and transitioning into cult classic love ride, his set was off to a great start. It was a perfect mix of his most recent releases such as time of our lives and crowded room and old favorites superstars and
someone new . With a roster of such infectious melodies, it’s no surprise that French wasn’t able to stand still; there was hardly a moment when he wasn’t moving around. He danced, bounced, and jumped across the stage and looked like he was having the absolute best time; something that was directly transferred to his fans. Every person was smiling and dancing along to the songs regardless of if they had heard them before or not. Ending the show with a bang, French sang the title record off his most recent EP, bright side of the moon. Anyone who’s seen his music video for this song knows the scene of him getting milk poured into his mouth so in staying on brand, he recreated this classic moment. It’s become a tradition of sorts at his recent shows and the crowd went wild for it.

With so much negativity in the world right now, French’s music has become a sort of respite from all of it. He makes seemingly unapproachable topics approachable with his undeniably catchy and optimistic melodies and creates the space for people to not feel alone in the way they’re feeling.

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