Photography Reviews

Exclusive Photos: Anna of the North – 7th St. Entry

Photos and words by Stephanie Nardi

A show at 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis is almost always an intimate show, especially one that’s sold-out. Typically, the only thing separating the artist from their fans is a row of speakers at the front of the stage but not tonight. After a short opening set from Quadry, the speakers were removed and with them the barrier between artist and fan. This allowed Anna Lotterud, better known as Anna of the North, to fully engage with the crowd and made an already intimate concert venue feel even more so. She stood at the edge of the stage singing only inches from her fans and brought them fully into her world.

Anna exuded easy confidence and her energy drew you in from the moment she stepped on stage. She opened with Lonely Life, a song with an easy, jazzy tone, and transitioned into Someone and its lovely, upbeat synths . Sway , the first song she ever wrote, along with a Playing Games off her new album were highpoints of the show with people singing along and dancing in the crowd. Throughout the entirety of her set, Anna bounced back and forth across the stage, catching the rhythm of her songs and looking like she was having the absolute best time. It
was impossible not to smile.

There was nothing flashy about this show, but there didn’t need to be. Her lyrics were carried beautifully by her voice and her effortless musical style created the perfect space for them to reside. It was a show all about the music and that was more than enough.

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