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Exclusive Photos: Dreamers, Arrested Youth, and Irontom in New York City

Dreamers are riding the wave of their fall headlining tour. They have been out on the road with Irontom and Arrested Youth. The tour recently hit NYC’s Gramercy Theater for a night of diverse and fun sets. LA based, Irontom, brought out a funkier classic rock set with their eccentric attitudes and flare filled personalities. Arrested Youth offered more punk bite with a set that featured skits, spoken word, and punk elements. They are a younger band, but are showing insane talent with their dedicated fan base and one of kind performance.

Irontom and Arrested Youth perfectly set up the night for Dreamers. They took the stage among a cloud of haze after using Lizzo’s hit “Truth Hurts” as their kick off song. The band instantly dove into their pop infused set. The front row of fans were singing along to every word and in the center of the crowd fans were actively dancing along. Dreamers are a phenomenal live band. Their latest album Launch Fly Land is out now. Purchase tickets for an upcoming date of the tour here.

All photos by Carol Simpson.

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