Too Close To Touch Release ‘I’m Hard To Love But So Are You Vol. 3’ EP | ‘Chasing Highs’ Music Video Out Now

Too Close To Touch have released the third installment of their EP trilogy I’m Hard To Love But So Are You. The EP release was accompanied by a new music video for their song “Chasing Highs”. The band will be touring with Emarosa this winter. This will be their first tour as a three piece. Most of the tour is sold out so don’t miss out on your chance for tickets here.

“We wrote ‘Chasing Highs’ about decisions, bad or good, that you make when trying to avoid directly dealing with a problem,” explains drummer Kenny Downey. “It’s about being reactive in the sense that when something falls apart in your life you instantly try and replace the bad feeling with something better. The video showcases different characters who are seeking fulfillment in seemingly glamorous lifestyles that are exposed as illusions that they are creating. You see them put on the facade that their lives are such successes and something to be admired but in reality it’s a lie. In actuality they are really unhappy people who instead of trying to truly confront their realities and improve on them opt to take the easy way out and end up suffering even more in the end.”

Watch the music video below and listen to “Chasing Highs” on our New Impressions playlist.

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