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Exclusive Photos: Amber Run Celebrate ‘Philophobia’ with a U.S. Headliner

Photos and Words by Carol Simpson

Amber Run came back to the United States nearly a year since their first north american dates. When we met Amber Run last fall for an interview they talked about enjoying the process that comes with building a career in music. Their process has continued steadily as they released more singles throughout the summer and released their newest record Philophobia on September 27th.

Now that the record has been out in the world a little over a month the band has brought their energetic live show over to the states for a 16 city tour. The tour kicked off in Dallas, TX on October 25th. They’re now about halfway through and came through Brooklyn’s Warsaw this past weekend. The band brought Jordan Mackampa along with them as an opening act. His simple guitar driven set up was the perfect way to start off the night.

Amber Run took the stage for an hour and a half long set that was loaded with fan favorites. They rotated between old and new songs and wrapped up the set with a three song encore. Joe’s witty personality shines through with his stage banter. Gratitude can be seen on each of their faces as they smile throughout the set and dance around the stage. The crowd favorite was very clearly “I Found”. Their energy for this song helped round out the night on a high note. Needless to say, fans will be eagerly waiting for Amber Run’s return to the U.S. after this tour ends. View the full list of remaining dates and purchase tickets here.

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