Editorial: Niall Horan, a New Age of Rock and Roll

Words by Caitlin Powers

Niall Horan released a new song on October 4th, 2019 to introduce his new era.

“Nice to Meet Ya” is the debut single to the sequel album that is anticipated to be released around February or March of 2020, following a second single set to be released around Christmas, as Horan has said.

On September 26th, Horan announced that “Nice to Meet Ya” (“ntmy” as abbreviated on social media) would be the first release two years after “Flicker” was released and a year after the Flicker World Tour ended. On September 30th, Horan posted the lyrics to “Nice to Meet Ya” and challenged everyone to try and guess what the song would sound like based on the ten second previews that were posted throughout the week. Horan responded and interacted with fans, leaving sly remarks or compliments on their efforts, and continued to leave without a word of what the song would sound like, along with the premise of the video and what the concept of the song is.

Countdowns began for every radio station, music label, and magazine. Horan retweeted, liked, and replied to as many as were posted, and each post made everyone more eager and excited to see the release get closer. Unlike previous singles, Horan released the music video and song all at once, shocking all fans across the world. YouTube created the reminder for anyone prepared to watch, a notification sent when the release would be near, and all eyes were on the screen to see how “Nice to Meet Ya” would sound, what the video would look like, and where the new inspiration would be.

Horan did not disappoint.

“Nice to Meet Ya” is a classic, rock hit, straying further from the slow beat “Slow Hands” and into a world with a killer electric guitar, bass, and drum set. Horan’s lyrics include the heavily adored “j’adore la mer”, which caused “stans” to panic when he tweeted the line earlier in the month. Horan’s influences of the classics inspired the sophomore album, which has a deeper set rock vibe rather than “Flicker”, which veered into Americana Pop.

“Nice to Meet Ya” is not an imagined concept by Niall Horan. One night out inspired the tune, with the second half of the night following in the single that was introduced over a “voicemail” that Horan left for fans through a phone number that was hidden within the music video. “Small Talk” accompanies “Nice to Meet Ya”, along with a miniature clip of “Put a Little Love on Me” that was posted at an event hosted by the music label to introduce new music of the season.

“Nice to Meet Ya”, the music video, is chronologically backwards, beginning with the girl leaving Horan in the morning and forgetting her phone. Scenes are weaved together through different events that led up to their meeting in a bar, including walking through rain, buying a tux, and strolling through the streets as everyone falls in love with him (which is quite accurate to reality). Horan left clues throughout the video, alluding to new song titles, the title of the album (speculatively), as well as two phone numbers that when dialed are voice messages talking about the single, a snippet of “Small Talk”, and talk about touring. “Nice to Meet Ya” was, and is, a success among the fanbase and new listeners.

Niall Horan is introducing us to his new era, the new genre that his sophomore album is leading into, the inspirations and allusions that are going to take part in this series. His lyrics are engaging and making fans want more and more, and the album is highly anticipated.

Horan will be performing at the iHeart Radio Jingle Ball events in December. On Friday, October 11th, tickets were released, and fans are beginning to reach a new level of excitement for what’s to come.

Every part of the “Nice to Meet Ya” release has the world excited and ready for more, and everyone is sitting on the edge of their seats. Stream “Nice to Meet Ya” on all music platforms including our New Impressions playlist on Spotify!

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