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Exclusive Photos: Valley Command the Crowd at Webster Hall

Earlier this summer Valley released the B-sides of their debut album Maybe. Now they are out on the road with The Band CAMINO for their full U.S. headliner. Their opening set at the NYC show was the perfect set up for The Band CAMINO’s electrifying set. Valley completely held their own as they played some of their well known songs and others that were less known by the crowd. Their energy and confidence on stage elevated their set and undoubtedly converted many of the new listeners in the room to dedicated fans.

The joy was visible on all of their faces as they powered through their set. Fans turned out to the show early despite the rainy weather outside and Valley was able to captivate the crowd of 1,400. The band is a long way from home, originally from Toronto, but it’s guaranteed they’ll be back in the U.S. playing to massive crowds of their own after this tour. View photos from their set below and listen to Maybe – Side B here. All photos by Carol Simpson.


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