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Review: “Kill My Mind”, a New Chapter for Louis Tomlinson

Words by Caitlin Powers

Earlier this month, Louis Tomlinson released his highly anticipated sixth single, “Kill My Mind”. KMM, as titled by Tomlinson himself, adopted by the congregation of fans promoting and streaming on social media, has become the latest release closing in on the album. Tomlinson made the announcement on August 29th, taking his following by surprise as his performance at a festival in Madrid in early September. Tomlinson says that “This is the vibe from now on :)”, alluding that the new ep (that has yet to have a release date other than early 2020) will be influenced by classic rock with a tinge of pop that has been themed throughout his previous releases.

Tomlinson, who claimed his beginning fame through One Direction in 2010, began releasing solo music in late 2016 with “Just Hold On”, dedicated to his mother who passed away early that year. His fanbase praised the song, anticipating an album and new releases. Tomlinson followed with “Back to You” featuring Bebe Rexha, and “Just Like You” that was without a feature. At the Teen Choice Awards in August 2019, Tomlinson was awarded Choice Song: Male Artist for “Two of Us” that was released in March in honor of his mother.

“Kill My Mind” is refreshing to the music scene. Tomlinson has explained that the new music is “[him] being true to myself.” With the classic and heavy rock inspiration, the new single is unlike anything on the radio, and responses have been nothing but enthusiastic. Understanding the lyrics are based around a relationship that isn’t necessarily healthy in the grip that is being held on his love, the lyrics are relatable to many who have been in relationships similar to this. Gaining inspiration from artists such as Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, Tomlinson is aiming to “…be an honest and relatable songwriter.” On par with the alternative rock anthems that are being released, Tomlinson has made a statement with this new single, and that can be heard by the authenticity in the lyrics and tone to his voice. Tomlinson’s instrumentals are changing, the shift to harder bass and guitar in contrast to the EDM or acoustic that has been heard in previous singles. Having a rock influence will be a new beginning for Tomlinson, and his fanbase is more than excited.

Tomlinson’s journey has been anything but ordinary and simple, and we are looking forward to what this new chapter and music will bring.

Stream “Kill My Mind” on all music platforms and listen to the single on our New Impressions playlist! Follow Louis Tomlinson for all updates on latest singles, album releases, and information regarding tours.

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