Review: Juice – You Are Simply Magnificent

Photo Credit: Samuel David Katz

Review by Carol Simpson

Juice are back with another short and sweet EP. This release is their first batch of fresh songs since the 2018 release of Workin’ On Lovin’. Since then they have been diligently touring the U.S. and Canada while releasing singles like Audrey Tell Me and Dave (Turn The Music Down). Their summer tour may be over, but the band is ready to round out the rest of the year with more music for fans to sink their teeth into.

You Are Simply Magnificent opens up with Straitjacket, a dreamy tune that balances sultry vocals from Ben Stevens and sharp, spot on rap verses from Christian Rose. The production shines through with the fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and bedroom pop characteristics. The bass groove carries this song and gives the song a backbone that makes it an easy and comforting listen.

Stupidfreak drags a sense of nostalgia with it as it opens with light guitar tones and soft vocals. The song leads into a soaring chorus with the thought provoking lyric “I’m not human baby, I’m a stupidfreak”. The song is topped off with a powerful guitar solo that elevates the song even more. Stupidfreak is sure to have listeners engaged and singing along live.

The EP also features two previous singles Peace of Mind and Audrey Tell Me along with a voice memo from the band. The voice memo adds a personal touch to the record for listeners. These four songs are a strong representation of the band. It’s great to hear the band balancing more of Christian’s verses within songs. The juxtaposition of vocals with their firm understanding of stabilizing instrumental elements leads to a dynamic and exciting EP.  The infectious and soulful tunes continue to flow from this band. We’re all just eagerly awaiting a full-length release from the band, but in the meantime You Are Simply Magnificent is one of our favorite releases of the summer. Stream the full record here and listen to Stupidfreak on our New Impressions playlist.

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