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Exclusive Photos: LIGHTS plays two shows in NYC back to back

Canadian songstress turned comic book writer, LIGHTS, brought two nights worth of her Skin&Earth Acoustic Tour to Bowery Ballroom for one spectacular night. While we didn’t capture the first set of the night, if it was anything like the first set then fans got an incredible set that displays Lights at her peak. Even though a peak implies an inevitable downhill trek, as a performer Lights outdoes herself with every tour and it’s only up from here.

She opened the set softly and slowly to ease everyone into it. The second song in was the breathtaking stripped back version of Don’t Go Home Without Me. Lights dedicated the track to a specific fan in the audience that had requested it. From that point on the intimate show felt even more personal than it already was. The room was still with each song as her smooth vocals filled the room and the string section added an extra layer of warmth. The set featured some her best songs and they were all given new life.

In addition to the songs, the simple yet effective stage production added the perfect vibe to the room. When there wasn’t the subtle glow of properly spaced backlighting, the stage was illuminated by projections. The set felt like being in a bubble, but in a safe, musically pleasing bubble.

Lights is easily one of the best performers around. I distinctly remember listening to Drive My Soul back in 2009 on my way to high school every morning. Ever since then as a performer, she has continuously been the kind of artist that can captivate you through her poetic lyrics and outstanding vocals. Seeing her live is such a treat every time. Don’t miss out on this live experience. You can check out the list of her remaining Skin&Earth Acoustic tour dates here. View photos from set #2 in NYC below. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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