Yungblud Releases New Track ‘Hope For The Underrated Youth’

Yungblud has taken over the music industry as a rebellious, angst driven performer that collaborates with artists of all genres. The UK bred artist is back with another new song. Hope For The Underrated Youth is another track that takes on the realities of being a young person in today’s society.

About the single, Yungblud says, “The world right now tells us fall in line, it tells us what you’re allowed to care about, think about, even to the point what air you should fucking breathe. Things are changing drastically, a lot of the time not for the better and it’s hard to watch. I meet so many young people every day and the one common denominator I find is the constant fire to defy apathy and the optimism to do anything in your power to fight for a better, more equal world. This song is about freedom of speech. This song is about freedom of expression. This song is about the forward thinking, racism hating, LGBTQ+, liberal “sinners” that we all are. I see that there is hope for this “underrated youth” and I believe the future looks bright because we are in it.”

Listen to Hope For The Underrated Youth on our New Impressions playlist in the sidebar! To listen on the go be sure to save the playlist!


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