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Exclusive Photos: New Politics Celebrate 10 Years with Intimate Brooklyn Show

New Politics are celebrating their ten year anniversary. Throughout the years, the band has experienced many new chapters and grown as individuals. One thing that has remained consistent is the commitment of their loyal fans. New York fans packed Baby’s All Right on a rainy night to celebrate with the band.

New Politics are well-known for their danceable pop/rock hits and their insanely energetic live shows. The band feels timeless every time they perform a healthy blend of old and new songs. Throughout their entire set fans were passionately singing along, they even knew the words to their latest single Comeback Kid. New Politics has a way of making each and every fan feel important and essential to the life of the band. This is even more noticeable in a live setting as frontman, David Boyd, interacts with fans, records videos on their phones, and dances within (and on) the crowd.

New York is very much a hometown setting for the band and the sense of home and comfort could felt throughout the entire room. While many bands make it to ten years, New Politics have set up a clear formula for lasting success isn’t simply superficial. In the crowd there were younger fans in their early teens and older fans well into their late twenties. That tells a great story when it comes to expressing the band’s potential for longevity and relating to new audiences. Around this time last year, we were sitting down with New Politics in the intimate back room of Grace’s Pub on the Lower East Side. The band was fairly unsure of where they would be going next and who would be along with them for the next chapter, but needless to say, this year has been one of tremendous growth for New Politics. They’re well on their way to what could be the biggest era of the band. Here’s to the next ten years of New Politics.

View all of the photos from the night below. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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