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Review: Far Caspian Release Stunning Second EP ‘The Heights’

Far Caspian have delivered another thoughtful and dynamic set of songs with their latest EP, The Heights. The five track EP takes listeners on a wistful journey. With their impeccable production and tasteful use of synth and lo-fi sensibilities, Far Caspian make their music more than just a listening session, but a full on experience. The record flows smoothly and softly. The band had released three of the five songs prior to the release. It was the perfect set of teaser songs to introduce new listeners to this unique and engaging group.

All of their songs have the ability to encapsulate you and carry you away. Despite the lyrical content, the songs feel dynamic enough to fit any situation or location. The title track The Heights carries a melancholic vibe while Conversations features an indie pop tune with 80s tendencies. A Dream Of You takes on more personal emotions while engaging with the same soft-pop synth sound.

Far Caspian are one of the most promising bands of 2019. Their DIY ethic and unique sound will make their next steps an interesting journey to follow. Hopefully they’ll make their way across the pond for U.S. tour dates soon. In the meantime, listen to The Heights here and stream the title track on our New Impressions playlist.



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