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New Impressions: King Princess, Lauv, 7715, Sasha Sloan, and more!

King Princess is back with another dreamy electro-pop single that will be a total earworm. Cheap Queen has the sensible and personable lyrics that King Princess has been known for while also taking on a soft and subtle tone.

Lauv has released a cheerful take on very real emotions. The longing to not feel stuck in a certain debilitating mindset is the center of this song as the subject matter is balanced with a cheery pop instrumental. The juxtaposition works in a hopeful yet honest way. Proceeds from the song will be donated to organizations that are working to combat the stigma surrounding mental illness.

7715 may seem like just a party group, but their new single Black Out takes an R&B approach. The track shows a new side of the band as they display a softer edge with deeper lyrics. An addicting hook and sweet beat makes this easily their best release yet. For fans of Chase Atlantic, Post Malone, and Khalid.

Sasha Sloan has released her new song Thoughts. The sweet pop tune features a slow and subtle intro that highlights her delicate vocals and poetic words. The song slowly builds into a dreamy cascading instrumental. Watch the music video for Thoughts below.

Other additions to our playlist this include the new singles from VISTA, Woes, Kim Petras, and Familiar Spaces. Stream the full playlist on Spotify and discover your new favorite song.

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