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Interview: Juice will be the soundtrack to your summer

We’re in a golden age of accessibility to music. That accessibility has inspired artists to be more daring and further blur the lines of genre. If you’re the kind of person that loves a little bit of everything, Juice is going to be the band you need to add to your playlists.

Since forming as freshman at Boston College this band of seven has toured across the U.S., put their own spin on hits like Gold Digger and Bellyache, and released incredibly addicting songs of their own. They started out as friends and everything fell into place as they continued to write together and play more and more shows throughout college and now post-grad. Vocalist Ben summed up their journey with, “if you feel pulled towards something don’t run away from it. See it through at least for a little bit.” So far, so good for them as they prepare to release new music this summer and play Gramercy Theatre in NYC on June 7th.

Photo Credit: Carol Simpson

No need to fixate on genres here because their soulful yet groovy blend of Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, and other elements covers just about everything. If you haven’t had a chance to catch their live show yet, their performance can be defined with two words, energy and love. Christian, who provides the flare of a violin as well as perfectly poised verses, explained their live show. “It’s really big and there’s a lot of energy on stage. We try to give energy to the crowd. When we play our songs a lot of them sound similar to what they sound like on the record, but a lot of them are more…it’s a different experience than listening to us on the record. A more alive energy just because you can see us and feel everything that’s happening.”

With so many elements being incorporated to their songs, their live show is expected to be just as engaging and enticing as the record. Ben expressed the difference in their experience on stage versus in the studio. “I’d actually venture to say that the live setting has been more comfortable sphere for in the moment expression. Because when we’re in the studio, there’s a lot more toys that we can play with and we can get lost in that sometimes. Live it’s just us and our tools and each other.

Since 2016 they have spent plenty of time in the studio and have released a solid collection of songs including the viral Gold, the emotional Heartbreak in a Box, and most recently Dave (Turn The Music Down). As they collaborate to melt all of their ideas and influences together, their individual perspectives add to what makes Juice special. “Having so many different influences and everything informs our collective conscious of what each of us does well and what each of us doesn’t do well. We try to take the best aspects of those things that connect us. I think when there is something that connects between all seven of us, not only in our band, but in a broader sense, in culture and the world. I would say it gives us an advantage to some extent. It’s authentic being able to find that link is what makes us us.”

The band takes the time to carefully craft what will represent them while also seemingly not trying too hard and being naturally authentic. Their lyrics touch on real emotions, connections, social issues, and anything else they feel like sharing. “Sometimes we’re telling a story with the music. Sometimes we’re telling a story with the lyrics. Sometimes we just want people to feel or dance. Sometimes we’re saying something really relevant culturally and viable that we want people to understand. We just want people to listen and feel and come to their own conclusions” Christian explained.

As they continuously marry their seven unique personalities to create a seemingly effortless modern symphony, Juice should be your artist to watch for this summer. There’s a little bit of something for every listener out there. Keep up with Juice on all of their pages and enjoy some final words from the band, “Kiss your homies goodnight”.




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