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New Impressions: Echosmith, Corey Harper, Clairo, Yungblud, and more!

Echosmith continue treat our ears with their pop/new-wave influenced sound. Their latest collaboration with Audien contains an uplifting and empowering message while maintaining an addicting pop flare. The song’s message reminds listeners that it’s okay to ask for help regardless of what they’re struggling with. Watch the colorful visuals that go along with the track below.

Corey Harper‘s soulful and indulgent vocals transport you in his new single Dried Blood. The simplicity of the track highlights Harper’s undeniable talent. Easily an artist to watch for the summer and one of our favorite additions to the New Impressions playlist this week. Let Dried Blood become one of your songs of the summer with its soothing melody and stunning instrumentation.

We’re still eagerly counting down until the release of Chase Atlantic‘s sophomore full-length next month. They have teased the record even more with the next single STUCKINMYBRAIN. The song features their staple hard to define hip-hop/R&B/rock laced sound.

Clairo, Clairo, and more Clairo. Everyone’s favorite dream-pop songstress has officially released her single Bags after having performed the song live countless times. Clairo is one the best emerging acts right that is redefining the genre. Her debut album Immunity is set to be released August 2nd.

Everyone’s favorite punk rebel, Yungblud, is back with a new song Parents. His rebellious nature takes this track on head first with its edgy lyricism and his sharp annunciation. The UK native is currently on another U.S. headlining tour. Even further around the globe, Australian pop-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have released another groovy, synth driven track. Easier demonstrates Luke Hemmings’ unique vocal talent that continues to develop with each new song.

Other additions to the playlist include new tracks from Carlie Hanson, Ed Sheeran, and Two Door Cinema Club. Listen to the full playlist on our page or hit save on Spotify and take it on the go! To be featured on our playlist email us:



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