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Exclusive Photos: Fever 333 Electrify New York City’s Gramercy Theatre

Fever 333 have exceeded all expectations for 2019 so far. Their debut studio album Strength In Numb333rs has received rave reviews since its January release and the band made their first appearance at the Grammy’s this year where they were nominated for Best Rock Performance for “Made An America”. The band brought their electrifying and awe-inspiring live set to Gramercy Theatre this past Wednesday.

New York City was abundant with great shows to see on the 15th. There were several major tours in town including Knuckle Puck and Yungblud. Even with other great shows to compete with, Fever 333 packed the room at Gramercy Theatre. Their sound has been described as rapcore as they continue to redefine modern rock. The band takes pride in their platform and uses it to spread important messages while also allowing listeners to let loose and have fun during their set.

From the moment their intro began the crowd as chanting “333”. Jason Butler took the stage with his signature high energy attitude that takes him all around the stage and into the crowd. The band made sure to give a shoutout to people of color in the audience, who often go underrepresented in the rock scene.

Timing is everything and even though they have only been a band since 2017,  Fever 333 is more important and relevant than ever. Bands that are dedicated to pushing the envelope while educating and making great music to go with it are exactly what we need.

Learn more about Fever 333 here. View photos from the night below. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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