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Exclusive Photos: The Faim return to NYC with Kulick and Andy Black

The Faim are making their way around North America again. This time they have been making the rounds as support for Andy Black on his headlining tour. They’re still preparing for the released of their debut full length album this fall, but in the meantime they’re continuously working to be the best band they can be. Their theatrical and anthemic pop-rock infused set perfectly fit in between the opener, Kulick, and Andy Black.

Watching The Faim return to Gramercy Theatre was kind of like watching an entirely new band perform. The last time they hit NYC with Emarosa and Hands Like Houses they were still energetic and captivating, but this time around they seemed far more comfortable on stage. They didn’t have to do much to win the crowd over considering many were already singing along and anyone that wasn’t singing along was completely mesmerized. Frontman Josh Raven was fearless as a performer as he bounced around the stage, onto the barricade, and even into the crowd a couple of times. Stevie kept the energy up on stage as he effortlessly switched between keys and bass depending the song. The Faim are everything great about the experimentation going on in the industry now and their completely fearless in their pursuit of a being a unique and unprecedented rock act.

View photos from Kulick and The Faim’s set below. Check out the rest of their upcoming tour dates here. All photos by Carol Simpson.


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