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New Impressions: Jade Bird, I The Victor, Declan McKenna, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and more!

Another day, another New Music Friday that has completely blown us away again. If only there was enough time to listen to every bit of great music being released on a daily basis. Luckily for you, every week we compile notable New Impressions of the week in one handy playlist and highlight our favorite releases in this weekly roundup. This week is full of melancholic vibes, a self-titled debut, electro influence, a concept album, and indie rock gold. Stream our New Impressions playlist on Spotify here.

Jade Bird‘s debut self-title full length album is finally here. Prepare to have your heart soothed by her impeccable vocals, but then torn out by her honest and yearning lyricism. Her blend of rock, folk, pop, americana, and anything else her heart desires fills this album to the brim with twists and turns. The UK singer/songwriter is bound to win over America’s heart with this record and become a full blown phenomenon stateside. It’s a shame that putting an entire album on the playlist is frowned upon.

Cage The Elephant‘s highly anticipated Social Cues is finally out! After months of singles including one featuring Beck and a melancholic heartbreaker named Goodbye the full album is out in the world for fans to dive into. The concept record was recorded at a critical point in frontman Matt Schultz’s life. As he explored the emotions of his divorce, the band dove head first into a new record that may just be there best work to date.

Declan McKenna released In Blue off the Moominvalley soundtrack this week. The heartfelt ballad is a change of pace for the typically indie pop singer. The song does wonders to bring out his vocal abilities and shows a new side of the performer. He is set to be releasing even more new music soon off an album that he describes as “yee-haw with an 8th note delay”.

I The Victor is everyone’s favorite indie pop lyrical goddess.  She just announced a slew of tour dates and released a new single titled Harness. The track features her signature poeticism mixed with her spoken word flare. View the full list of dates here and don’t miss your chance to catch this best kept secret live.

There’s still an entire week until The Balance is released, unfortunately. Fortunately though, Catfish and the Bottlemen are holding us over with yet another single. Conversation was released earlier this week and now we’re even more excited to hear the rest of this record. Classic CATB with their honest lyrics and tight guitar riffs driven by powerhouse choruses.

This week’s list has a little bit of everything including the newest song from lo-fi experimental dream pop project Ugly Ghost. Dive in to Aubrey Plaza and then take the time to enjoy all the intricacies within Ugly Ghost songs.

Other honorable mentions for the week include a new groovy anthem Carly Rae Jepsen titled Julien and the emo tune from Overgrow, Bad Heart. New Politics were also added to our playlist. Their new single Comeback Kid is an encouraging track with bite. Learn more about New Politics, read our interview with them here.

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