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Exclusive Photos: SWMRS Take On Brooklyn Steel with Beach Goons and Destroy Boys

SWMRS most recent release Berkeley’s On Fire stunned listeners and music critics back in February. referred to it as “an electrifying record filled with social commentary”. Naturally, their headlining North American tour in support of the record carried the same energy. The tour hit Brooklyn Steel in NYC this past Thursday and the lineup featured support from Destroy Boys and Beach Goons.

Diversity and representation in music is so important, but when it’s effortless and natural it means so much more. Destroy Boys opened up the night with a high energy punk fueled set. Dedicating songs to LGBTQUIA+ concertgoers and starting a wall of death set the night off on the right note.

Beach Goons kept the night going with punk songs that sometimes had a groovier feel. Very reminiscent of Modern Baseball in their sentiment, but carrying a taste all their own. Their set was further elevated by their blend of English and Spanish in their songwriting and incorporating a strong cultural presence. So valuable in a music scene that often operates as a primarily white space. Los vatos tristes del barrio logan are THE band to watch this year as they continue to grow.

SWMRS took the stage and the crowd was fully pumped up and ready to keep crowd surfing and moshing. Their straight to the point lyrics cut through live just as they impact when you’re listening to the record. One song in Cole Becker was denouncing sexual assault and predatory behavior in a triumphant way. The power in the band’s words was felt and the room erupted. Honesty and transparency from an artist that isn’t just doing it for the sake of it, but because they genuinely mean it is such a rewarding experience for fans that pour their heart, soul, and money into a band they believe in. SWMRS’ fans fully believe in them and it was great to see a room of that size standing for something together.

View all of the photos from the night below. All photos by Carol Simpson. Check out the rest of their tour dates below as well.


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