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New Impressions: The Maine, Billie Eilish, VISTA, Preston Lovinggood, and Ivory Layne

The Maine‘s HIGHLY anticipated 2019 release You Are Ok is finally here.  The band that makes being an independent artist seem effortless and continuously surprises fans and industry professionals alike with their incredibly ability to redefine themselves and grow as artists. The marketing behind the record has had a poetic feel to it and the power behind the record is a rewarding culmination of the past few months of singles, surprises, and strategic marketing. Putting the entire album on our New Impressions playlist would be unfair to the rest of the playlist so make sure you take the time to dive in to this record front to back and fully indulge in it. Stream NEW SONG on the playlist though.

Preston Lovinggood will satisfy your need for an emotional lo-fi tinged rollercoaster. Moon Fever is the second single off of his upcoming album via Last Gang Records, Consequences. On the single Preston says, “Moon Fever is about wanting something that’s always out of reach. The insatiable desire for one another, for walking into the sunset with the girl of your dreams and waking up and realizing in fact that was a dream.”

Continuing the wave of honesty and emotion within releases this week is New York alt-rock band, VISTA. Their new single Eat (I Must) is a powerful and honest song about lead singer, Hope Vista’s struggle with body image issues and an eating disorder. Welcome to the new era of VISTA, the band that just keeps getting better and better.

Ivory Layne is the latest Pop princess to emerge from the Nashville music. This singer/songwriter released her single Heaven this week and announced that she has signed with Justin Timberlake’s artist development company Villa 40. Watch the music video for the single below and stream the addictive track on our playlist.

Finally, finally, finally. Billie Eilish‘s major label full length release is here. WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is one of the most anticipated albums for maybe the past year. Quite a long time to be building up hype, but in the meantime Billie has been releasing killer singles, dominating the festival circuit, rocking entirely sold out tours, and showing the world who she is. This is album is a must listen for anyone and everyone. Listen to i love you on our playlist.

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