Review: Unturned release new EP “Sunk” via No Sleep Records

Unturned released their new EP Sunk via No Sleep Records on March 22nd. The EP is a fresh and exciting new chapter for the band. Their pure and honest pop-punk sound is set to reinvigorate the genre as it cuts out the cheesiness often associated and brings in a straightforward yet thoughtful record.

Very reminiscent of Real Friends, Knuckle Puck, and early State Champs, Sunk features addicting guitar riffs and a perfectly timed drum beats that carry each track. Swimming opens the record with a kick to the face. The song feels like a reminder of warm weather and summer festivals where hearing this kind of song live can be an exhilarating moment. Every song on this record is so energetic and invigorating as you listen to it.

The band offers a dynamic edge throughout the record that other bands lack. They have a clear understanding of songwriting and structure as they play around with offsetting upbeat portions with simple sections. Vertigo is a stand out track on the EP that perfectly plays into this. The honest lyricism ties into a poetic quality with some of the most interesting instrumentation on the entire EP. Those fast paced, precise drum hits just make it. On top of that, the vocals on this record demonstrate the frontman’s ability to effectively use his voice without straining it for a naturally raspy quality that adds to the emotion behind this record.

There’s a clear reason why Unturned have been one of THE bands to watch emerge from the Midwest music scene. This is easily one of the best pop-punk records to come out in recent months. Sunk is available now on all platforms via No Sleep Records, but you can purchase it on Bandcamp here. Listen to Vertigo on our New Impressions playlist!

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