Review: Julia Jacklin will tear your heart out and then comfort you with “Crushing”

Julia Jacklin is an understated gem. The Australian singer/songwriter released her album Crushing last month and the effects of it are still weighing heavily on my soul. Thanks to a seamless synch on an episode of Catfish, I was  introduced to her soothing vocals and heartbreaking lyrics. Be sure to take the time to dive in to her delivery and artistry to try and understand all that she hopes to convey.

Simplicity is the key to the beauty of this record. Letting the instruments be a perfect complement to her dreamy, velvety vocals she ties in lulling harmonies and passionate vocal hurdles. With each song gliding between a quick two minute sentiment and six full minutes of pure bliss, every track is a treat wrapped in unbelievable packaging. Taking the time to dissect every word or emotion could be the best way to spend a solemn afternoon.

You Were Right propels the album to a new place with a very “plugged in” piece that dives into the essence of art pop. Good Guy is on the other side of the spectrum and offers a subtle and quiet piece to muddle over. Take Me Down is a middle ground that demonstrates Jacklin’s vocal strengths spectacularly while crushing (pun intended) you with the lyric “I don’t know if you ever loved me the way I want you to/so please just turn me down”. The simple guitars and mellow drumming on certain tracks makes it seem like an inherently sad record, but maybe depending on the day you listen to it Crushing could be fitting for all occasions: sad, elated, numb.

This is the kind of album that will stick with you for an extended period of time. The kind that deserves to be listened to front to back, with friends, alone, with good food, with a broken heart, anywhere and everywhere. For every occasion. Julia Jacklin is an exemplary musician and songwriter. Experience these songs in person with her upcoming US tour dates. View the full list of dates here.

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