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Interview: OBB will be your next pop obsession | Listen to ‘7 Billion’ now

It has been a little over a month since pop trio OBB release their long awaited single 7 Billion. The single has earned almost 100,00 streams on Spotify and their previous singles have amassed well over a million each. Get to know the band from our Q&A with guitarist Jacob Oswald. Listen to 7 Billion on our New Impressions playlist here.

Let’s talk about your single 7 Billion, what was the writing process like and what portion of your life does the single reflect, if any?

My older brother Zach came to me and my younger brother Nich with an idea about, his idea was “out of 7 billion people in the world isn’t it crazy that we find that one person that means more to us than anyone else?”  For us, we wrote tis song about our wives, we recently all got married and we were all blown away by how with all of the weird stupid things that we do they love us anyways.

Now that it’s out in the world, how has the fan reaction been?

Our fans seem to really love it…   I think the over arching theme is how sweet it is.  People are saying that it this song is exactly how they feel about their significant other.

Where was the music video filmed and what was your favorite moment from filming?

We filmed half in our home state Georgia and the other half at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The whole salt flats part of the video was incredible.  I’m a big outdoors guy so I think being out at the salt flats was my favorite part.

Since you guys are all brothers, how do you think that aids to your writing process? Does it make it a little more seamless than it would when you’re in a band with friends?

I think in someways it does but on the other hand it has some challenges. I think because we are brothers and competitive there can be some arguing about who’s idea is the best so we do like to write with at least one other person even if it’s just to help us get an outside opinion.

OBB Press Shot
I know Nich was fairly young when you guys started the band, what’s it like being in a band for that long and how does the music grow with you as you change?

I wouldn’t want to be in a band with anyone other than my brothers.  We have been through so much being on the road together and we always have each other’s backs. We have times where we fight but at the end of the day we are brothers and are there for each other.  I think our music has matured with us just as our lives have matured. We try to write things that are real to us and things that we are dealing with and other people around us are dealing with that we relate to.   I feel our music evolves as we evolve.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

We have a lot of new music coming out in 2019 and also a bunch of show dates coming up.  We are really excited about the new music and we really just can’t wait for our fans to hear it 

Any last words for the interview? 

Follow us on our social media OBB_music so you can see what we are up to and just get to know us even better.

Keep up with OBB and stay tuned for their new music!

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