Personal Impressions: The Weekend Run Club share their favorite songs

Chicago is known for bringing us some of the best alternative/indie bands. The Weekend Run Club are one of the latest bands working their way out of the scene. Their debut EP “Okay For You” was released last September. The EP has earned them some praise from local Chicago press and within the online blogosphere. The eclectic EP dives into some personal topics for the band that are sure to resonate with all listeners. “OFY is made up of many layers that culminate into an introspective look at mental health and relationships. There’s some sadness and anger there for sure, but there’s also a lot of hope and happiness, and I think that perfectly sums up our band. We want to talk about the experiences in the gray areas of emotion – being depressed and optimistic, or brave and afraid.”

Feeling brave and afraid will be necessary as they gear up for the rest of 2019. They’ll be working on their full length record and continuing to play more and more shows beyond the Chicago area. “2019 is proving to be a big year for us in terms of artistic and listener growth. Almost immediately after releasing our debut EP Okay for You in September 2018, we began writing our first full-length record. As we become more adjusted to one another and our creative processes, we’ve been able to make some really neat ideas come to life. Playing venues like Bottom Lounge, Subterranean, and Chop Shop has been nothing short of a dream, and we can’t wait to take our music to the next level. In the meantime, look out for some shows to be added that go outside of Chicagoland!

Learn more about the band and their personal favorites by checking out their favorite songs below.


1. Dominos – Last Dinosaurs

The chorus of this song is so strong, and hits you right up front. It’s upbeat and super catchy. The guitar parts compliment the vocals in such a unique way. I absolutely love the guitar tones coming from the guys of Last Dinosaurs. This song really captures what they’re capable of, and it’s so inspiring.

2. I Don’t Know Why – Imagine Dragons

I’m a huge Imagine Dragons fan, and this is my favorite song off of their 2018 record Origins. I had the chance to see them live right after the album’s release, and the amount of energy that came from this song is unreal. These guys give you more than a show – they give you an experience, and it’s unforgettable.


3. Confess – Phantom Planet

I love the dynamics in this song. To build the song up, and then pull it out from under you, is a real power move.

4. Shadow – Bleachers

This is an 80’s-esque bop with great lyrics and a lot of heart. It sounds like a song that would be in the driving montage of a Molly Ringwald movie.


5. Live From Hell (feat. Eddie Hermida) – Glowbug

This song is an amalgamation of so many different genres that I love. All i want to do is dance, even when the screams come in. They’re so clean and intense that at first listen, I almost thought that they were out of place in a song like this. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. This song absolutely slaps and will continue to slap for always and eternity.

6. All the Way Down – Stay Outside

I think everyone can relate to the heartache of having feelings for someone who doesn’t match said feelings in return. This topic is so fresh in my heart and mind, but the song is so catchy and relatable that I cannot stop (and won’t stop) listening to it.


7. Doubt – Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus is legendary to me. With this new record, they’ve mixed elements of synth-pop and alternative rock into this new-yet-familiar ultra-crisp and clean feeling. It’s remarkable. There’s so many nuances and toss-ups in their latest work. Combine that with the poetry that is their lyrics, and there’s just nothing better.

8. Intrapersonal – Turnover

Okay, I lied. Here’s something better. Turnover’s Peripheral Vision is in my top 5 records. The wash of calming reverb tones and at times intermodal riffs are so infectious. It’s becoming a problem. I keep saying I need to listen to new music, but I just end up coming back to this album.


9.Having A Good Day – Benj Heard

This song is all about good vibes, and whenever I need to be picked up, this song does the trick!

10.  Little Dark Age – MGMT

Some of the most beautiful and poetic lyrics I’ve ever heard. This track is by far one of my favorite from MGMT. It is written in a style that forces the listener to interpret the prose in their own way.

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