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Review: Summer Walker’s Clear EP brings out the warm soul during these cold winter months

Photo Credit: Aiden Cullen

Atlanta native Summer Walker released her newest EP Clear. The record features four live recordings that bring out the songstress’ true soulful nature and effortless vocal ability. The songs are the culmination of inspiration drawn from R&B, soul, alternative, jazz, and pop. Her previous singles have amassed millions of streams on Spotify and 2018 was labeled a breakout year for the singer.

Clear is the perfect way to warm yourself up this winter. With significant emphasis on the bass and romantic guitar tone, the engaging notes dance around her vocals with such care all throughout the EP. Riot is an honest song that tells of the “routine” of love. Grave hits with a little more bite and spunk. The grooviest on the record thanks to the stellar bass line. Wasted has a soft synth to kick off into a slower track. This song ties in the roots of new millennium R&B with Summer’s crooning vocals.

Settling is a heart-wrenching track about love and loss and the important decisions that come with all of that. Summer’s artistry shows in the way she plays around with simple lines like “What I’m gonna do?”, her subtle pauses, and holding out select notes. The song is a cascading groove of piano, bass, drums, and romantic guitar in a way that envelopes your whole soul.

The EP is far too short, but will leave anyone wanting to hear more from Summer Walker immediately. Her simple lyrics are carried by her vocals and proper attitude. Clear is available now via LVRN/Interscope Records.

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