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New Impressions feat. Chase Atlantic, Pretty Vicious, Eleanor & The Pretty Things, Bring Me The Horizon and more!

Such an eclectic New Music Friday, it’s hard to even pick where to start. We can help you with that!

Chase Atlantic are back with their DON’T TRY THIS EP. The band has been releasing a few singles here and there since their massive full length self-titled. The band has been selling out shows around the world and working hard to build their fanbase. DON’T TRY THIS combines two past singles and four new tracks that embody the band’s essence. Chase Atlantic’s ability to completely demolish genres and blend the best elements of R&B, Rock, and Hip-Hop for sax infused goodness makes them one of the more unique acts to pop up in recent years. Their lyrical content is…interesting…at some points, but the creativity and effort put into their production tied in with a phenomenal live show makes the band addicting. Listen to LUST on our New Impressions playlist.

PRETTY VICIOUS’ latest song These Four Walls is a single of their highly anticipated upcoming Big Machine/John Varvatos Records release. The song is raw, exciting, and full of spunk. The band perfectly brings old school rock to life with their screeching guitars and howling vocals. The band was picked up very young, but their on the right track for long term success with these new songs.

While PRETTY VICIOUS are reviving rock, Bring Me The Horizon are redefining themselves again as they stray further away from their hardcore roots. Mixed reviews and many competing opinions have been trying to cover up the fact that Bring Me The Horizon just released an amazing record. As listeners on the twitterverse argue about the band being “different”, BMTH are fully enveloped in this new era. Reflective of their more mature state, amo blends their signature gritty guitar tones with more electronic and pop elements. Their previous releases Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit were just the introductory stepping stones into their new sound. Vocalist Oli Sykes is perfectly suited for clean vocals and helps launch the band in to their new phase. Listen to sugar honey ice & tea on our playlist.

Switching gears, Massachusetts emo band Eleanor & The Pretty Things released their new song Knight of Cups via Bandcamp. Not on our New Impressions playlist just yet, but you can listen and download the track on their Bandcamp page here. With mesmerizing guitar tones and emotion driven vocals Knight of Cups highlights the best of DIY emo while presenting you with your new favorite song.

Also added to the playlist this week: Yungblud’s single Loner continues his journey of making his listeners feel understood and welcomed through his music. The Maine returned with Numb Without You off of their upcoming release You Are Ok. American Football and Hayley Williams paired up for Uncomfortably Numb. Listen to the full playlist here or on our website.

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