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Exclusive Photos: Young The Giant Dominate Two Nights at Brooklyn Steel

Young The Giant are nearing the end of their fall headlining tour with LIGHTS. Their two night run at New York City’s Brooklyn Steel was filled with adoring fans. Fans braved the chilly weather to pack in to the warehouse like venue. Their powerhouse set was a smooth balance of old and new songs. Their latest full length Mirror Master was released a little over a month ago on October 12th via Elektra Records.

LIGHTS opened up the show with a refreshing synth pop infused set. Her vibrant hair color is only second to her especially vibrant and eclectic sound. With some of the most underrated vocals in pop music, she serenaded the crowd and made some new fans. As a clearly established artist of her own though there were many LIGHTS lovers in the crowd.

Right on time, Young The Giant stepped out for night two with an explosion of energy. As they cranked in to their set, vocalist Sameer Gadhia alternated between “tools” on his sweet setup of tambourines, special mic, and more. An arena like level of production added a special element to the show. Making the massive space feel like Madison Square Garden while the fans passionately singing along made it feel like an intimate Brooklyn DIY space.

If you weren’t at the show, make sure to catch Young The Giant on a future tour or festival. Experience the FOMO and view a full gallery of photos from the night below.

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