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Review: Walkney’s “Oh No” Is An Eclectic and Passionate Adventure

Photo Creds: Teri Cwiek

Oh No is the debut EP from Derek Mrdjenovich’s solo project Walkney. The EP is a culmination of time, growth, and endless creativity that re-emerges as an eclectic and passionate five track adventure. The poetic and purposeful lyrics on this record make it an engaging adventure that will require multiple complete listens. Once you’re done tearing yourself up over the lyrics, you can focus on the subtle nuances and tender notes that make each song a carefully crafted work of art.

Unhappy is a breathtaking opener that introduces Walkney as a showstopper from the beginning. The piano peaks through in crucial moments, but the true stunner is the use of brass instruments. The horns add a true jazzy element while maintaining the bite of a rock driven hit.

Lady could make John Mayer easily question every thing he’s ever done. A smooth flowing track that effortlessly blends a casual drum pattern to make room for dreamy guitar riffs. Easily the standout hit on the EP that demonstrates Walkney’s full potential and versatility as an artist. Lady feels like a true sonic timepiece that can captivate any listener. Powerhouse vocals backup the song’s anthemic bridge and make you want to sway around the room with anyone you care about deeply, despite the lyrical content revolving around a “less than healthy relationship”.

Wah is far more edgy and brings the deep cut of a good rock song. “I thought we had it all/We act like animals” There’s a small tinge of nostalgia for 2000s alt-rock with the robust instrumentation. The horns are brought back in for this song in a classy and epic way that perfectly strays away from being gimmicky.

Beast is funkier nature with an almost Latin sounding vibe. Carefully place strings and an extra jazzy bridge makes this song a trip from start to finish. Just when you think it’s going to go somewhere you’re taken in a whole new direction that is ten times more satisfying than the last one. The prominent horns in the intro give way for a spicy first verse that dives in to what could be the most powerful song on the EP.

Lucia Rose was a recent Walkney single that naturally closes out the EP on a vibrant yet honest note. A swift combination of the little elements that are carefully placed on every other track.

Out of the hundreds of songs and albums that will be released this Friday, Oh No is the standout EP that you’ll want to check out. Check out Lady on our New Impressions Spotify playlist here.

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