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King Princess Is The Pop Star We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you don’t know the name King Princess yet don’t worry there’s still time to jump on the band wagon. King Princess is the stage name of Mikaela Strauss. The Brooklyn singer/songwriter writes honest and telling pop anthems that highlight her experiences. The multi-instrumentalist shot to fame when she released her single 1950.

Identifying as genderqueer and gay, King Princess is adding tribute to the LGBTQ+ community with her music. Her fearlessness when it comes to using female pronouns in music and the name King Princess playing around with gender is enough to inspire a generation growing up in a time of breaking down walls and being your true self.

King Princess is a wonderful voice to redefine what it means to create Pop music. “This is the art we need right now. This is what we need right now. We’re in a renaissance, and we need people to rebel, come forth and bring messages into art.” Strauss detailed in an interview with Rolling Stone. Don’t miss your chance to see King Princess on the Pussy Is God Tour. See the full list of dates below. Listen to Pussy Is God on our New Impressions Spotify playlist here.

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