Yungblud’s Rambunctious Live Show Captivates the Crowd and Stands for Something Special

Yungblud had a massive summer on the final full cross country run of the Vans Warped Tour. The UK performer’s North American headlining run this fall has been selling out venues all across the country. Despite appealing to a younger demographic with his charming looks, colorful persona, and endearing rock influenced tunes, the honest content and well developed meaning behind his music provides something invaluable for his young and impressionable fan base.

As he lifts them up through his high powered set and raunchy mannerisms, Yungblud is providing his fan base with a sense of understanding. He relates to their struggles with mental health, identity issues, and simply finding their place in this world. Finding that unproblematic, socially conscious voice from someone that is only 20 years old is rare and unbelievably special in the realm of music.

At his sold out show at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right the singer donned his signature pink and black striped outfit and cast on his broken ankle. Alternating between sitting in an appropriately decorated wheelchair and jumping around on one leg Yungblud maintained the energy throughout his hour long set. Most fans in the room knew all the words including a select few that were crying during the particularly emotional songs like the one from his latest music video Kill Somebody.

His debut full length 21st Century Liability is out now on all major platforms. Learn more about Yungblud here. View the full gallery from the night below. All photos by Carol Simpson.

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