Lizzy Farrall Releases Eye Catching Video for “Make Up sex”

Pure Noise Records artist Lizzy Farrall has released a striking and honest music video for her song Make Up Sex. The lyrics behind the song are meant to be a more upfront representation of what Farrall feels. Her creative direction with the help of Adam Webb brought the peculiar music video to life.

When it came to writing ‘Make Up Sex’ I was feeling tired of how subtle I had been making my lyrics in previous songs. I’d always tried to keep them subtle so it didn’t completely give up the story behind them. With ‘Make Up Sex’ that completely went out the window. The story behind these lyrics is about abusive and controlling relationships. It focuses on topics about feeling the lack of self worth that a relationship like that can have on someone and also manipulative behaviour. I will admit it’s probably the darkest song I’ve written, but I feel very strongly about this topic and that it is not being spoken enough about.

Keep up with Lizzy Farrall:

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