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Exclusive Photos: Palo Santo Tour Hits Stage AE In Pittsburgh

Every music fan should pay more attention to the U.K. charts and music scene. Being able to catch the Palo Santo Tour in Pittsburgh this past Saturday was not only a dream as a photographer, but as a music fan. Years and Years really took over my personal playlists for a better part of a year now, they also took over my friends as well because I forced them all to listen.

The Energy at this show was what could be described as buzzing. Jess Kent eased the crowd into the night with her soft ballads and girl power anthem, It was only her, a guitar and pedal board and a laptop. Jess put on an amazing set that set the vibe for the first hour, she was personable, raw and so talented.

Cyn, came out like champagne bursting out of a bottle. All bubbly, fun and aesthetically pleasing. Cyn’s captured the audience from the moment the first beat of Believer dropped. Her energy was radiating from her and straight into the crowd.

After Cyn had got the crowd jumping and singing, Years and Years took the stage. The energy shift was something I never felt in a crowd, it was like we all charged up at the same time. Olly sang the first note and the crowd exploded with screams, singing and dancing. The energy didn’t let up until they were finished and It was one of the most refreshing and exhausting experiences. If you can listen to all the wonderful musicians on this tour and if it’s possible try to catch them on this North American Run, you won’t regret it.

All photos by Mckenzie Holivay.

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