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New Impressions: Years and Years Will Cure Your Musical Rut

Years & Years are a pop/dance group from the UK made up of Michael Goldsworthy, Emre
Türkmen and Olly Alexander. They formed in London in 2010 when Goldsworthy and Türkmen
both playing multiples instruments and being producers met online. After hearing then actor
and vocalist Olly, sing in the shower at a friend’s house they added him to the group.

In 2013 the group released their first single “Traps”. By 2014 their second EP was released which was
followed by their announcement of signing to Polydor. In November 2015 following their win of
BBC Sound of the Year award they released their debut full length “Communion” — it debuted
at #1 in the UK and top 15 of U.S. Billboard 200. They’ve sold out Wembley Arena and also had
a song on the Bridget Jones’ Baby soundtrack.

Years & Years are an incredible English gem that a lot of the states as yet to discover. Not only do they have Alexanders buttery and melismatic voice – but the imagery that is put together with their singles from their sophomore release of “Palo Santo” has yet to be matched by any group I’ve seen. If I had to make any comparison the best would be Don Broco who also originate from across the pond but they’re the only other
group I can think of who has a vocalist with such a unique voice but who also come up with
these incredibly remarkable video concepts. Years & Years created entire world and concept for
Palo Santo within the album and brought that world to life with the two singles – “Sanctify”
and “If You’re Over Me” which weave together to tell and interesting story that seems to be a
running theme between TV series and Movies. Palo Santo peaked at #3 in the UK. Years &
Years pairs dance music beats you’d probably hear outside a club somewhere with real
relatable lyrics and situations, nothing better right? Lyrics might punch you right in the heart
but you’ll still want to dance! In all honesty if you’re getting tired of your usual playlists, look up
Years & Years because they’re exactly what you’re looking for if you’re in a musical rut. Catch
them on tour in the U.S. this fall with Cyn.


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