Personal Impressions: Jack The Envious

Jack The Envious recently premiered their newest single Walk In the Dark with Substream Magazine. The founding members of the band, Nir Perlman and Guy “Chuck” Checkarov bonded over their mutual love for early 2000s emo and Linkin Park. Their specially curated Personal Impressions playlist reflects just that with a sprinkle of some of their other favorites.

Their upcoming release Bleeding Honesty is an entirely DIY self-produced endeavor and will be released on November 2nd. Listen to their personal impressions below and then watch the music video for Walk In The Dark.

  1. “Not Alone” – Linkin Park

One of the most powerful underrated songs I know. Everything from lyrics to production sets this song to be one of the LP’s best songs. – Nir

2. “Local Construction” – Relient K

This band in particular is one of my all time favorite. Can’t get enough of their combination of punk elements with deep and uplifting perspective on life. – Nir

3. “Old Soul” – Trash Boat

Strong, emotional, and one hell of a banger! Toby’s screams and lyrics just crawl under my skin.  – Chuck

4. “The American Nightmare” – Ice Nine kills

Brutal, interesting, and great fucking video. Gives a great lesson about good song structure. – Chuck

5. “Lucid” – Polaris

Pure energy and power mixed perfectly which will make you move your head for days.  – James

6. “Rise” – Secrets

Powerful, relatable lyrics with a catchy and bouncy hook. – James

7. “Patricia” – Florence and the Machine

Her vocal performance is incredible. Every run and scale is perfect and fits beautifully with the song. The instrumentation works its way in too such a high standard. Nobody tires to out maneuver another. They all fit in so nicely. – Emanuel

8. “Crush” – Tess Violet

The lyrics are so well written and seem to just blend in effortlessly with the half trap beat underneath. The spoken vocals help carry the songs topic and just bring you in. You can’t help but smile and love the song. – Emanuel

Notable Mentions:

9. “Everybody” – Don Broco

Catchy and powerful song. Hilarious music video. These guys killed it in 2018.

10. “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles

If you made it this far down the list you’re a real trooper and we’re not afraid to let troopers know this is our tour jam.

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