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Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival Partners with TwiceDaily Thrive Program for Sustainability Initiative

Twice Daily has created a reduced fuel emissions program known as Thrive. Thrive will be partnering with Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival in Nashville, TN to make all of the fuel used at the festival 100% carbon neutral.

Twice Daily’s Thrive reduced emissions fuel program helps customers contribute to their community, while they pump the same high-quality fuel they always have. For those that fill up at any of the Twice Daily® stores located in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding areas, the Thrive program automatically calculates estimated tailpipe emissions and invests in certified carbon reduction projects. Some of those certified, verified projects include planting trees, solar power generation, landfill gas capture, and more, resulting in up to 30 percent reduced emissions. Twice Daily® Thrive™ is a program specifically designed to help improve community support and the environment. We accomplish this by reducing tailpipe emissions each time a customer fills up. Furthermore, trees are planted locally with the Arbor Day Foundation in the Middle Tennessee area and many other locations.

To make this just as great for you as it is for the environment, Twice Daily is giving away GA weekend passes to the festival that will feature performances from Lionel Richie, Jack White, Hozier, and so many more. You can enter to win here.

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